1. tomb275

    Tenma 72-3055 Manual

    Buying a Tenma 72-3055 oscilloscope 2 channel 20 MHz which looks identical to a Goldstar OS-9020A; happy to have found the Goldstar manual on AAC. Any experience with either brand of those models? I also have a Hitachi V-212 2 channel 20 MHz recently calibrated by Tektronix. Thanks for any input.
  2. R

    Measuring cell voltage, which oscilloscope is good with wave generator combined

    Good day everyone, New to the field. I was wondering if you I could get an expert opinion and advice on my future experiment . First phase of my experiment is to measure the voltage of set cells from different tissues. 1) Which Oscilloscope should I use to read voltage as slow as 0.07volts...
  3. rsmith9945

    First Oscilloscope Advice- Keysight DSOX1204G vs. Rigol MSO5074

    Hello! I am coming out of college and am about to purchase my first oscilloscope! I am currently torn between the features of the Rigol MSO5074, and the Keysight DSOX1204G. I was initially leaning towards the Rigol, however after doing some research, I've found a lot of people having issues...
  4. H

    DSO 138 oscilloscope - 3.3V shorted to ground

    Hello, I bought a pre-soldered DSO138 and it worked when I started it for the first time. But soon after the screen went only white and the LED isn't doing anything, which means the MCU isn't working. Also U5 (78L05) gets really hot, which led me to thinking something is off with the 3.3V line...
  5. A

    Repair Lecroy Waverunner 104MXi

    Hi, I am trying to repair a Lecroy Waverunner 104MXi. The problem is when you plug it in and switch it ON, windows starts booting but then it just turns off. Now if I try to switch the oscilloscope ON again then it does not work until and unplug it and plug it back in again. I...
  6. John Czerwinski

    Isolation Transformer or Variac

    I'm building my test/repair bench (I'm a hobbyist). I've been reading and watching videos on needing a isolation transformer to protect test equipment (oscilloscope) , and the tester (me). I'm wanting to know that best route to take. Should I get a single output isolation transformer or a...