Regulate voltage using op amp

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Hi readers,
I am doing an Op Amp voltage regulation of voltage drop across load. As you can see from diagram, I have a fluctuating_Vin (0V to 50V) and I want the voltage drop at load (100 Ohms) to be the same (14V) at all times no matter whether input voltage is 20V or 30V or 50V?
Note: I believe that the voltage drop across load can be controlled by changing duty cycle inputed into the transistor. The change in the V_in of op-amp will change the duty cycle which in turns affect the voltage drop of load. How to relate both of this together in a circuit :)?

Question: Is there a way to regulate the voltage drop at load? :)

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If you want exactly 14V across the load at all times, then PWM isn't going to do it unless you also add an inductor, a diode and a capacitor. Then you will have built a buck regulator, and there are plenty of ICs that will do that for you, but you can probably achieve it with an op-amp and a 555 (or other methods) if you really want to.
If you simply want the same heating effect in the load as if it had 14V DC across it, then it can be achieved, but you will need more parts than an op-amp.