Problems to choose the right driver for a specific fiber optic connector.

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Hello folks,

I need your help because after reading several applicacion notes, I am not able to find any solution for this particular problem.

I want to establish a high speed comunicacion (100MBd at least) between two different PCB boards (see pic 1) using the next Fiber optics connectors:
- HFBR-1415TZ for Tx.
- HFBR-2416TZ for Rx.

Every PCB board has an FPGA and I can only one I/Os for Rx data received through the connector HFBR-2416TZ (See pic2). And the problem is how to find a good Non differential driver to convert differential signals to single ended signals?

PS: The fiber optic connector manufacturer recommend an specific differential driver to handle the rx signals received by the connector. But I need an additional stage to convert those differential signals into a single ended signal. which non differential driver can I use in order to accomplish the high speed requirements?

Thanks in advance.