Problems in Modern Embedded Dev

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I'm thinking about making an open-source project related to some problems I've experienced building commercial IoT products and I'm interested to hear other people's thoughts on the stumbling blocks they have encountered in embedded device development.

  • I would like to be able to use higher-level languages with nicer syntactic sugar, (using Micropython in the past has sped up dev time, especially during rapid prototyping). However, most solutions like micropython don't seem viable in most constrained environments.
  • When I've built CI pipelines in the past it has been not easy to integrate the device firmware into end-to-end tests of our entire system, backend included. I would like to be able to use as much of the actual code run on the device to be used in the tests and not have to write mock code for different hardware functions. (Of course, this kind of test is more useful in scenarios without critical timing components etc. that would require proper simulation of the hardware).
  • More generally, I've found that in the embedded world there are fewer tools for managing projects with systems like package managers, maybe more equivalent to what exists in the js world.


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It's almost never the programming or project tools at the low-level embedded programming end, that's just coding.
The main stumbling blocks are detailed datasheets (with simple example code when needed) down to the hardware register level for each device, device connection and wire in the system you need to engineer and design.