Problems and Inefficiencies seen with Hardware Bring-up Discussion

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Hello all,

I am an electrical engineering undergraduate currently in the process of starting my senior design project (capstone) with an idea based around solving test and debug inefficiencies in the hardware bring-up realm.

I’d like to start a conversation about what really grinds your gears at your workplace, or on your downtime at home, while testing, debugging and validating new board designs. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

To get things started here are some of the questions I'd really like to be discussed:
  • What type of information (and medium) do you have about a board while you are testing it?
  • Through your experience, what points in your testing workflow do you see as inefficient?
  • What is the biggest problem you’ve faced while performing bring-up on a new PCB?
  • What parts of your PCB design software did you find most helpful with bringing up a new board?

Thank you in advance to anyone that can provide feedback on this subject as it will really help my capstone team narrow what to build and help validate some of our potential ideas.