Pro-form 530ZLT burned control board, engine has no torque

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Hello, my treadmill pro-form 530zlt got burned control board. It has MC2100ELS-18W control board driving this motor. I'm stuck in difficult situation as after getting board running again motor has no torque, I can stop it by hand. I noticed that commutator brushes are giving noise and sparks especially when I increase speed. To repair the board I had to replace all power chain, starting from varistor (very strange as over 20V it started to gave short circuit), graetz bridge, thyrystor (S8025L), igbt driver (just in case) IRS2127SPBF and finally IGBT itself IRG4PC40K. I tried to verify engine by myself but it is draining to much current and I can't verify if torque is ok. What I noticed is that when I spin it by hand and short circuit power terminals it don't slow down in visible way. I'm not sure where the problem is. What is more lurking is that on cordless drill 20V battery it spins really nicely, no brush sparkling but I can't verify if torque is sufficient as current starts sky rocketing when I increase load and overall speed is much lower than on lowest TM gear. Two questions are knocking to my mind.
1st question - What else I can do with control board? I've depleted all my ideas and still I'm not fully sure if it's working properly.
2nd question - as my current bet is faulty motor I was thinking if I can replace this motor with this one. I can always return it but seems price of original model and more powerful one are exactly the same but I think that endurance will be higher than with original motor. I've checked that the same control board is used in treadmills with more powerfull motor that I have so in theory should be fine. Also seems that diameter of those two motors is the same so in theory I should mount it in place of original one and everything should match - in theory :) .