treadmill fix

  1. Zhjcnm1981

    Reebok jet 300 treadmill e02 error - motor output dc is 11v on PCB why?

    Hi everyone! I have a really mysterious case with my Reebok treadmill! Sherlock would love to participate I am sure! Precondition: once upon a time I turned my TM on and heard beeeep “error 02 - Motor stall” -> no move, dead. I would think it happened because I never lubricate (for two months I...
  2. P

    Sole F63 Error code E7 repair

    I had a Sole F63 that would power up OK, but when you try to start it would make a whining noise then throw error code E7. Previously I had followed the repair guide by mike_haben which did fix the issue the first time. A couple of week later, same issue, but the culprit was not one of the...
  3. M

    Powering a DC Motor using a Bridge Rectifier

    Hello, My treadmill has been sitting around ever since the motor-controller board broke. Since I could not find a replacement for the board, I thought why not build a power supply myself. I do not need fancy speed control; one single speed value is enough for me, probably the value that makes...
  4. G

    Pro-form 530ZLT burned control board, engine has no torque

    Hello, my treadmill pro-form 530zlt got burned control board. It has MC2100ELS-18W control board driving this motor. I'm stuck in difficult situation as after getting board running again motor has no torque, I can stop it by hand. I noticed that commutator brushes are giving noise and sparks...
  5. Jay2069x

    Treadmill trips breaker

    I recently got a treadmill from a friend in hopes of fixing it. The treadmill powers up and the motor works, the problem I am running into is that at around 3 to 4 MPH it trips my breaker. I tried plugging it into 3 separate circuits to make sure it wasn't a bad breaker. I tried plugging the...
  6. S

    Need help for Treadmill repair, display console works but motor doesn't run. Issue possibly with JF150 120528 control board.

    Hi everyone I hope you are doing well. My treadmill (model: 2428-V3-SP, Serial: DT2014030001805) is not working, displaying "E2”. Display console powers up & works without any issues. When I start treadmill, after 5 seconds countdown relay clicks but there's no output voltage to the motor (when...