Freemotion Healthrider Proform Treadmill Motor Controller MC1200-2.4 Control Board 235794

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¡Hola! Tengo un problema con esta placa base de cinta de correr Pro-form. Tengo una entrada de energía normal, el motor de inclinación funciona bien, pero el motor de velocidad no quiere funcionar cuando lo enciendo. La luz roja PWN solo parpadea como si estuviera recibiendo una señal pero el motor no quiere funcionar. ¿Alguien puede ayudarme a empezar a probar la tarjeta, por favor? Gracias de antemano.

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Hello! I have a problem with this Pro-form treadmill motherboard. I have normal power input, the tilt motor works fine, but the speed motor doesn't want to work when I turn it on. The red PWN light just flashes like it's receiving a signal but the engine doesn't want to run. Can someone help me start testing the card please? Thanks in advance.

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That appears to be a MC1200 ver that was the last of the SCR bridge versions, before going to PWM, in that case, you may find help in searching for the copy of the reverse-engineered earlier MC-60 version, the circuit maybe similar.