Sole F63 Error code E7 repair

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I had a Sole F63 that would power up OK, but when you try to start it would make a whining noise then throw error code E7.
Previously I had followed the repair guide by mike_haben which did fix the issue the first time.
Fault was that one of the two IRFP460A power MOSFETs on the motor control board had blown
A couple of week later, same issue, but the culprit was not one of the power MOSFETs.
Upon further investigation, I found that the main 12VDC relay was not actuating properly. (replacement part number: J115F11A12VDCS6.9)
Removing the coil then testing it found no issue with the relay.
Examining the board with thermal camera showed Q100 was heating up when the motor would try to turn on before faulting.
I replaced the NPN transistor on Q100 with MMBT2484LT3G from onsemi and the treadmill has been working properly every since.

This fix may also be applicable to Flow Fitness DTM2000 and DTM3500 treadmills, which use a variant of the same motor-control board.



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It's better to call an electrician and get this electrical problem fixed. The sole f63 error code E7 is usually a sign that there is an electrical problem. There may be a short circuit or a wiring problem in the machine. The sole F63 error code E7 is also a good way for the machine to indicate that there is a problem with one of the internal sensors.