Power Supply and Reference Points

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Hey folks. I’ve been working on a home project involving a low power AC/DC converter based on the power integrations ref (https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/328/rdr623-1487555.pdf). There were some minor changes, I added a current limiter to keep to spec, and in addition the circuitry has a sub-circuit that that is a single wire traveler across each PCB (it’s a single traveler wire and RX/TX circuit to keep things simple.)

Here’s my issue. Given the full wave rectification and negative side surge protection; it creates a different reference between PCBs. I have since removed them, and now the source of my switching regulator is at the same potential of Neutral. Adding negative side surge protection isn’t exactly an option given the nature of the circuit, but the image attached shows my the overall block diagram (sorry if it’s vague). Ultimately, I’m looking for a way to use a different reference point for the traveler circuitry so I can add negative side surge protection (ideally without using optos because of current leakage requirements) and I don’t like the idea of all of the circuitry ground points being continuous with AC return/neutral. I’m wondering if any of you have ever run into anything like this. Feel free to message me privately if you have. Keep in mind, this has since been reverted to simple half wave rectification but I’m wondering if it’s possible without using optos or if anyone knows more efficient/low power flybacks in which I could use opto-feedback for isolation without taking on leakage current (however, even with isolation, the reference for the traveler wire still has to be the same for all “DUT#” if that explains the pickle I’m in, that is to say that the Communications Ground on DUT1 must be the same as DUT2 and DUT3, etc., in order for it to work.


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