1. L

    Sensor isolation for raspberry pico analog pins

    Hello, I’m designing a logger to collect data from a thermocouple (may be any type) using Raspberry Pico (3.3V). I want to isolate analog pins but signal should be proportional to the input signal. As per my study inductive isolation can be done to transfer power, proportional to the input...
  2. I

    How to protect low voltage components from very high voltage pulses?

    Hi, I have a high voltage electric livestock fence that runs from my house to a barn about 1/2 mile away. I want to build a communication device that makes use of this existing wired connection to transmit a low voltage signal (ideally ~12 volts) along the wire with ground return to complete the...
  3. Jack Burton

    From high voltage to differential ADC

    Good Morning everyone. I'm using an ADC from Linear Tecnology, LTC2344-16 , and i have to measure an isolated voltage throug an analog isolator TLP7820 and a FDA,like in figure below: I draw the schematic with the goal to be "multi-purpose" so the input voltage divider can be configure as...
  4. Younes Thabet

    how to create a solder mask keep out area in altium?

    Hello all, I want to create a solder-mask keep-out area in Altium designer 22 as in the below image. I tried using a polygon on both the top and bottom solder mask layers but I got this: Is this how is supposed to look in 3D view? Is the method I used the correct way to create solder-mask...
  5. Younes Thabet

    How to source a 5A of current to charge the gate capacitor of a power MOSFET?

    Hello all, I have been checking the EVAL-ADUM4146 evaluation board for the ADUM4146 gate driver. In this board, they are using a (2W, +15/-3, +93/-185mA) isolated DC-DC converter module which is the R12P21503D. And in the gate driver datasheet, it says: 11 A short-circuit source current (0 Ω...
  6. Bhavik700

    Isolation requirement for Voltage measurement

    I am developing IoT device using ESP32. I am using ESP32 along with ADS1115 for voltage measurement of my equipment. My electrical device operates with following parameter : ~0-5 V DC , 25 Amp with constant current mode adjustment prior to operation. I want to measure this voltage change...
  7. finconv

    EMC vs Isolation

    Hi to all, I'm desigining a PCB with an Eurocard size that will be used in a subrack. The board is connected to a mother board internal to the subrack and have some connector on the frontal side. On the frontal side, the boards are covered by a metal front panel (chassis) that will be connected...
  8. M

    high temperatur covering system for battery and PCB

    Hi everyone; I'm doing a reverse engineering for thermocouple system that works in specifique condition (temperature=300°C), knowing that the originaly systeme use the material below in the figure for covring the battery and the pcb. I have already finished the electronique parts and the pcb...
  9. DanielLitwin

    Power Supply and Reference Points

    Hey folks. I’ve been working on a home project involving a low power AC/DC converter based on the power integrations ref (https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/328/rdr623-1487555.pdf). There were some minor changes, I added a current limiter to keep to spec, and in addition the circuitry has a...
  10. P

    Need to Design 48v to 12v DC 10A Max Circuit

    Hi, I need to design a DC DC Converter Circuit: 48v to 12v DC 10A Max Current with Isolation. Anyone, please share reference design/Schematics if any.
  11. B

    Bypassed ethernet barrier

    I am looking at some PCBA's with ethernet RJ45 connector regarding surge test susceptibility. Common legal requirement are 1.5kV isolation. The first issue that I see is PCBA's with RJ45 connector metal housing grounded to logical 0V (ground plane). Like Raspberry PI for example. Look at the...