ac/dc converter

  1. riccmez

    Can't find out what component it is exactly

    Hello, I'm trying to simulate an AC/DC converter for a class project. Now, this was an assigned circuit there isn't much I can do about the design. There's on component that I can't quite figure out. as far as I researched I understand that it is a sort of bidirectional thyristor but don't...
  2. D

    What type of AC power cord connection is this?

    My kids lost the power plug that goes from the wall outlet to the AC-DC transformer shown below for a video display. Can anyone tell me the name of this style of V-shaped female connector so I can order a replacement? I have searched a bit online and can't find this particular style.
  3. kamranM

    Start-up and steady-state models of microcontroller

    I've been looking at UCC28C43 models provided by TI. Why do we need two different Spice models such as "Transient steady-state" & "transient start-up" for MOSFET driver IC? How do we use them? When do we need these analyses? Do all microcontrollers in power electronics have such separate models...
  4. W

    AC/DC converter (110VAC to 12VDC, 120W)

    I'm looking to design a PCB that will have a 110VAC input and convert it to 24VDC output with a maximum load current of 5A. Is mounting the step down transformer on the PCB a good idea? What better ways are there to do it?
  5. K

    DC/DC Converter VS AC/DC Converter

    If you are using several different DC voltages inside a unit, (say 5v, 12v, 48v) ignoring efficiency, would it be better to use separate AC/DC power supplies for each voltage or use 1 AC/DC power supply for the highest DC voltage and step down the voltage with DC/DC converters from there?
  6. DanielLitwin

    Power Supply and Reference Points

    Hey folks. I’ve been working on a home project involving a low power AC/DC converter based on the power integrations ref ( There were some minor changes, I added a current limiter to keep to spec, and in addition the circuitry has a...
  7. N

    TOP209P power integration IC

    Hello everyone Please can someone tell me if this IC ( TOP209P ) is the same AS this one ( TYNY275PN) Is it doing the same functions? Can I replace the TOP209P with TYNY275PN ? THANK YOU SO MUCH