PineTime open source watch schematic power question...

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Mark Winney

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Just to let you know that I posted this question on PineTime watch community and had no response so though I would put it out here for discussion.
PineTime was is open source watch and for more info see here: watch
The schematic can be found here: schematic

Anyhow here is my question:
Why does the Pinetime watch has 2 voltage regulators...the ME6206 which takes battery voltage and regulates to 3.3V and the SGM2036-3.3 which also does the same? The output for each is Vcc and Vdd and some components take Vcc and others Vdd.

I think it might have something to do with with the P24 power control and saving power and disabling some components when not in use, but that part of circuit eludes me also.

Can someone please explain what this part of the circuit is doing:

Any help is appreciated