PCB proper wiring of the parts

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I figured the best way to learn how to design PCB's and specifically a Flight Controller was just to try and make one. Since im fairly new to this, I'd like to know if I got something wrong here or in general if that PCB would work. I will add a few more things but these are the main components. My second question would be if there is any way to test such PCB designs with a software. Any tips are much appreciated.



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You learn from experience, by trying once and doing it over again to correct your mistakes.
Everyone makes mistakes and have to remake the PCB. On one of my first attempts I had swapped all eight D0-D7 data lines. That was before using schematic capture.

With proper CAD software, schematic capture, ratsnest, DRC, you can minimized incidences of errors. I use Eagle. Make sure that you do all error checks. But errors still happen.