Wiper motor project proper wiring - need help

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I have a wiper motor that I am using for a project that I seem to have problem wiring it.

The wiper is from a 2004 Neon and I have the this

I know there is ground high low and park but I cant seem to read it correct 5 wires total - lack of knowledge on things like this

I know black is ground and have gotten the motor to run using the brown/white - one speed. Any other combination of wires seems to get nothing. I thought there was a low and high speed.

Do I combine the brown/white and red/yellow with a ground to get high speed to give power to both sides of the motor ?

I am using a wall wart to provide power 12V 5A to test but could use a car battery to try more test but wanted to ask before I fry something.

Probably a simple question for some one but I'm just a project builder so a bit lacking in knowledge....

Thanks for any help