Toyota Wiper Motor - Brushes assembly

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new on this Forum and somewhat of a novice on electronics - but into rebuilding cars.
I have a failed windscreen wiper motor for a Toyota RAV4 2009 and have recently taken it apart to discover the brush assembly unit seems to have failed.
Please see attached photos.
My question is the part that circled appears to need a brush connected to it or it may be a sensor .
Can anybody help me identify this as I am still struggling to find the reason why the motor failed apart from brush failure or bearing failure at the bottom of the rotor.
I have since replaced the unit so and it works OK which eliminates the cars Wiper switch gear.
Finally - I cant identify a company in the UK that reconditions these units and will only sell new ones. Also I cant find a parts supplier. The unit is simple to tear down and should be easy to recondition.
I would appreciate any opinions on this



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Having been a rebuilder I can tell you that wiper motors are not a rebuildable item because they are fairly cheap to begin with. I am not sure what you are looking for on the brushholder assembly so I will assume it is the thermal overload switch.
As for brushes, you can get replacement brushes for them but the companies are hard to find. There are some in the US that will carry them. Best to find a good replacement unit.
The oddball part is a thermal fuse, I think it may not be self-resetting but not sure. You don't want the wiper motor burning up if stuck due to ice. Toyota puts these (like a soft metal link) in their cigarette lighter outlet, and their door window motors have PTCs to prevent motor overload, but these self-reset after cooling off.
I don't see any problem with the brushes. You can see two ferrite inductors and possibly also capacitor inside to lower noise and brush arcing.
If you are poor, you can just jumper (short) the thermal fuse and risk drama and smoke if the motor is overloaded. The wiper fuse is usually pretty high amperage and does not always blow (first) when the wipers are jammed.
Your wiper linkages/transmission might need lube too.