Modern headlights failure on a Toyota Venza 2010...

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Hello fellows. This is something am not familiar with. My brother knows nothing on electricals nor automobiles and asks me if I can send repair parts overseas for such vehicle, but I want to learn first before goofing.
Headlights use some sort of ballast? , reading about there may be 2 or 3 styles fitted from factory; and cannot identify which. HID, - Xenon, - LED, - halogen. There is supposed to be a computer controlling only lighting systems, being one of the items requested as spare. Other is ballasts, other is a 'junction/fuse box', plus bulbs. (He is trying to cover all bases by ordering all pertinent parts)

- How to identify which type of lights is factory fitted in the vehicle ?
- How does it work ?
- Where are those modules located, to pull them from a boneyard ?
- Can the bulbs be tested just applying 12VDC ?
- Saw a video to retrofit ! HID system to halogen. Would be good to get rid of compfuser complications just to turn on headlights. Any knowledge about it ?



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The headlights are HID (High Intensity Discharge). No doubt the ECM is programmed to operate them and putting conventional headlights in the car will require programming the ECM.

Which parts need replacing?

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Perhaps not the ECM, but the BCM, or the dedicated headlights control module, or a ballast, or a whoknowswhat... Still digesting symptoms and diagnosis to find what failed. :(
Once there was a switch and 2 bulbs solved in 1 minute. Now it is a thousand dollars plus in parts and 'specialized' repair labor with computer diagnosis and after guessing for a while for whoever has the service manual. There is level sensors, servos to compensate car leveling , day lighthing, timing, fading... loads of unnecessary crap.