PC power supply as bench power supply


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Most PC supplies have enough power to run most home hobby electronic stuff. But the current limits are set way too high to protect most things. If you are firing up a preamp circuit or an Arduino thingy with a wiring problem, having a supply with the current limit at 20 amps is not going to protect your circuit. Also, neither the voltage nor the current limit levels are very adjustable, if at all. Finally, the output noise usually is at the max possible limit for what a computer can handle, and can cause problems for just about anything else. There is a lot of cheap, regulated power, but it has some serious baggage.



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A great first project is to build yourself a LM317-based power supply with the input coming from an old PSU. The LM317 gets rid of the noise from the PSU and can handle plenty of juice for lab bench projects. And it will shut itself down if your project shorts.