Optimizing a control system with Fuzzy Logic/Genetic algorithm in a PLC

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    Oct 1, 2013
    Hi guys,

    I've been tasked with optimizing a PID controller in a PLC with two different methods and then comparing the results as to which one works better.

    Hardware: PLC: Schneider Electrics' Modicon M340
    Unitry Pro XL & MatLab
    The loop itself is yet to be defined.

    I have previously optimized a PI controller via the root locus method, for a 1st order tank level control system. For the time being lets assume that the loop that is to be defined will be similar to that.

    Understanding the two methods isn't a problem in itself, the problem is in implementing them. While there are many tutorials on YouTube showing the use of said methods (in MatLab)...there's nothing to show how I would use the data/implement the method within a PLC, I can't seem to visualize the approach. Do I need to code my own function blocks? or does it all need to be in ST? or can this be created in ladder logic? I'm still researching the subject so I apologize if I am thinking about the problem in an incorrect manor.

    If someone could provide some insight or even an example of some programming that would be fantastic..anything to give me a reference point to work from.

    Thank you in advance