OPAMP maximum output voltage?

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Oussama Zaidi

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I have an operational amplifier which is not rail-to-rail type, it is supplied by +24V and -24V, I want to know what is the maximum voltage that this amplifier can provide, in the datasheet they mention the minimum output in some cases but not the maximum one, that is mean what is the maximum voltage for sure I can get when the opamp provide its maximum current.
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Look at sheet 4 for output. States 11 or 12 volts max for a 15 volt supply, 600 ohm load. So expect 3 to 4 volts of drop, or +/- 21 or 22 volts peak to peak.


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The "minimum output" is what you are looking for, which is the minimum (max) voltage that it can output for a worst-case device with the given output load.
The minimum (min) voltage it can output is 0V, of course.