What could be maximum gain of opamp to be set for DC application ???

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Thanks you all for your reply !

I still did not understand ???

My question was can I set the close loop 100 for this opamp.

Suppose I have 30mV dc signal so can I amplify with gain of 100. So that the signal would be 3V.

Current = 3A
Rshunt = 10mOhm


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That wasn't your original question, but yes, you can have a closed loop gain of 100.
Thanks !!

Yes my intention to know about this .

Now I again ask to you .
How did you say that gain Could be 100.

Means what all parameters need to be taken care while adjusting the opamp gain.

I already stated my application for 3A dc current measurement.



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Check the input offset of your opamp and multiply it by 100. This will tell you the error in your output. For example, if the input offset is 2mV, the output error will be 200mV.

For amplifying mV level signals, an instrumentation amplifier is often required.


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If you did as Bob indicated in post #10 you would have spotted that the datasheet says the specified input offset voltage can be anything between -4.5mV and +4.5mV. If your signal input is only 30mV, that implies a possible error of ± 100 * 4.5/30 = 15%. If you are aiming for better accuracy you would have to either find a way of compensating for the offset, choose a different opamp with smaller offset, or use a dedicated instrumentation amplifier.