ODB++ Open source software?

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Hi all,

I'm doing a PCB board design and usually use eaglecad, but the PCB manufacturer has requested ODB++.

Are there any utilities available for trial or freeware that I could use to design the board? Or if not, can I convert eaglecad to ODB++ (quick google search says no, but I'll see if anyone has anything to add in!)


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Does ODB++ use a proprietary output format? The PCB manufacturer should accept any standard format. Maybe time to look for a better PCB manufacturer.


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In general terms...
ODB++ is new tech
gerber is old tech

yet another reason eagle is at the bottom of my list as it still doesn't seem to support odb++ export.. :)

But any PCB house worth dealing with will still accept "legacy" gerber files/nc drill files..
I'm sure they all prefer ODB++ though..


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Diptrace is available in a free version and can export odb++..
It can even import eagle libraries/schematics/pcb layouts.