Newbie Starter Kit: the absolute essential toolset

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Hi All,

After having a good discussion with some of the members in this post:

I want to understand what id the bsolutely beginner essential toolset.

Accordingly to my understanding the essential starter kit is composed by:

  • Soldering Station: anything that allows to change temperature, with a digital display should work (branded station such as Hakko, Wellar, Ersa or Pace or id budget does not allow, any goof “Chinese replica” should work, with off course a potential limitation in “duration”)
  • Soldering iron tips: recommended a chisel tip (2 ~ 3 mm)
  • Solder: 63/37 multicore with flux is probably the best option
  • Soldering wick: for de-soldering
  • Vacuum pump de-solder sucked: for de-soldering
  • Flux: probably a flux pen is the best option
  • Cutters: flush side cutters
  • Tweezers: stain steel, non-magnetic
  • Magnification: some sort of lenses/cheap eBay station
  • Multimeter: in order to perfor tests before/after soldering
On top of this list, there are few other items “nice to have”:
  • Circuit holders
  • Heat gun
  • Fume extractor
Before to go into more details (like trying to select some good tools in amazon/eBay/RS components etc. - Good = value for money :) ), I would like to get some inputs if I have missed anything on the list....

Thanks everyone



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Instead of buying a power supply, why not make one?
A good first project is a simple power supply. When I was teaching work experience people, I'd get them to make one.
An old 19V laptop power brick makes a good start so there is no mains wiring needed. Then an LM317 regulator for 1.25V to 15V out. make it in a metal case so the LM317 can be mounted (with insulation) to the case for heatsinking.
Plenty of circuits abound for it.
Later, buy a good supply if needed.


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I would like to get some inputs if I have missed anything on the list....
A few more handy things:
  • Set of small screwdrivers (flat blade & Phillips)
  • Set of small files (round & flat)
  • Wire stripper
  • Long-nose pliers
  • Non-conductive tweezers
  • X-ACTO knife (or similar hobby knife) & blades
  • Small vise, such as PanaVise Jr.