Need help with modding hackrf one RTL-SDR card with right amp

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I'm trying to modding HackRF one rtl-sdr card, regarding this articles card have problem with tx bellow 100 MHz, lots of user complains about burning card, precisely MGA-81563 chip, I already burn once MGA-81563, and I replaces two of them. Someone suggest LVA-123+, but pins construction are not the same. I find by myself UPC8181TB-E3-A , and don't have issue that have tx limit up to 4 GHz.

Can someone help me and choose right chip (can someone confirm that UPC8181TB-E3-A is allright), so that I can change it without burning something else in circuit, must is tx from 0-500 MHz, similar voltage, and pins design. HackRf schematic and how to repair broken hackrf , I was used digi-key site for comparing amplifiers.