Need Help with a Slightly. Different LED Flasher Circuit - Novice Here!

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Shish! Man, I REALLY appreciate ALL of everyone's input. I NEVER would've thought this simple little blinky LED scene would turn out to be such a complicated problem to solve!

I've been thinking a little more about it, and I think I'd rather try to go with components that I wouldn't have to program, trying to keep components as simple as possible.

I've bought some small perfboards, still haven't pulled the trigger on which 555 to buy. Same with the MOSFET. I really need to populate a list of components, so I don't buy a bunch of parts I don't need!

Again, thanks to EVERYONE for all your help so far, I've clearly come to the right place for this!


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I tried to send a PM ,private message, to you just to see if it still works.
I would stay with C version of 555, like 7555 or TLC555CP. Output is rail to rail .