Need help wiring a microphone

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Hi. A friend gave me a JTS JS-1E large diaphragm condenser mic that has been partly disassembled and needs some soldering. Seems to be quite simple but Im not sure how it should be wired.
As shown in the photos there is an M- and M+ that I think need to go to the diaphragm but I don’t know where to solder them.
Then there is a W, Y and G that I assume is the positive, negative and ground for the xlr. G must be ground but w and y?
Does anyone know how to wire this?
Am I way off?



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Welcome to AAC.

So the M+/M- are surely the capsule, and you just need to make sure you've got the polarity right.

The Y, W, and G are almost certainly for Yellow, White, and Green. I can't make it out from the photos but my surmise is they would be connections to the XLR connector. With some luck there are remnants of the connections.

The G is probably ground, but you can confirm this by checking where it connects on the PCB. The Y and W are probably each one of side of the balanced pair. Reversing them wouldn't be a problem except this microphone is phantom powered so they are also power connections—the polarity has to be right.

The specs suggest it comes with a "power module" but you should be able to phantom power it from a capable mixer. Tracing the PCB would tell you which lead is which but it is impossible to do visually because the traces aren't visible.