1. 1

    DIY Microphone suggestions

    So I recently saw a video from DYI perks and he uses a "TSB-2555B Electret Capsule" and a "THAT1510". However, building my own pre-amp seems like a daunting task and I don't have the budget to buy a kit from somewhere like mic parts. So if anyone has suggestions as to a simplified pre-amp or a...
  2. D

    Mems Microphone Array and ESP32, with or without codec IC?

    Hi I am planning to construct a mems microphone array with 4 to 5 microphones, such as SPH0690LM4H-1 Datasheet Rev A.docx (mouser.co.uk) These are PDM interfaced. If I have understood it correctly, these just require a CLK pulse, and I am reading digital databack. I have been advice by...
  3. L

    Microphone to microcontroller

    Hi, Im looking for microphone to microcontroller. It is important that the microphone should have automatic gain. Im looking for microphone similar to https://wiki.dfrobot.com/Gravity__Analog_Sound_Level_Meter_SKU_SEN0232#target_5 but more cheaper. I found only max9814 and sen-12642 but that...
  4. AVMoos

    Audio line level to PCB microphone level

    Hello everyone! Im having a problem... I got nice lighting installed in my new studio, but the lighting of my laser is controlled by audio with an onboard microphone. This is annoying because i want the laser to work also when my music isnt that loud. inside the laser is a tiny microphone on a...
  5. RagTMS

    THAT1512 alternative for DIY Microphone project

    Dear all, This is a repost since the original post (https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threads/that1512-alternative-for-diy-microphone-project.188951/#post-1760251) was in the wrong section This is the project I am trying to recreate I'm looking for a way to make the preamp created in this...
  6. Stas06

    Effect of 10x Capacitor on Amplifier circuit

    Hi all, I bought capacitors of 22kµ instead of 2.2kµ. I was wondering whetther this circuit could still work with the 22kµ and what the effect is on the circuit. I'm not a electrical engineer so my knowledge is rather limited in this field. My best guess would be that these are used for the...
  7. E

    Looking for Microphone Suggestions

    Hello! This is my first forum post so hopefully I'm posting in the correct discussion forum. Long story short, I'm looking for some microphone suggestions. I'm currently working on a project that is trying to record respiration with a small microphone positioned 1-2cm away from the mouth. So...
  8. BigOak14

    Cassette recorder microphone modifications

    Hi there everybody I have a new portable cassette recorder, but it has a terrible internal microphone, I was wondering if there was any way to unsolder the microphone and attach the aux cable of a lavlier microphone for better audio quality?
  9. Stas06

    DIY Microphone - THAT1510 or THAT 1512

    Dear all, As a reference to the context why I'm asking this question: I'm looking for the THAT1512 but it's hard to find and often the 20€ delivery is quite expensive for a 5€ part. Moreover, the THAT1512 seems to be out of stock in a lot of places until June 2022. I'm looking for an...
  10. R

    Simple non inverting op-amp circuit to amplify mic sound don't work

    Hi all Considering this simple circuit When I connect it as shown the sound became amplified for 2 seconds then it stops. So I have to connect the jack to pin 3 instead of pin 1 .. how to fix this Thanks a lot.
  11. M

    Help with Rode Microphone Circuit Board

    I have an old Rode NT1 condenser Mic. I fixed it a couple of months ago by rewiring. I'm not good at soldering, but it worked. Then it fell from the mic stand and stopped working again. Upon inspection one of the wires had gotten loose from the circuit board. I rewired once more but have had no...
  12. S

    PC Stereo Mic in TRS circuits

    Does any have any circuits of what is sometimes a stereo mic input on a PC that I presume is L/R/Gnd on the 3.5mm jack that you. Also on some recorders you get a similar arrangement with '3v phantom power' mics. I presume the bias resistor and dc decoupling capacitor are not mic side but pc...
  13. S

    lm386/why this circuit works well with my iphone audio jack but when i connect a mic it makes so much hiss and noise

    as you can see this is the circuit that I made based on lm386N-1 whenever I connect my iPhone (it's a 5s if it makes any difference ) the sounds works great and clean only when I put it to max it has some distortions but when I connect the electret microphone it makes a lot of noise and hissing...