Need generic gate array (not FPGA, if possible)

schmitt trigger

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TC17G005AF-0048 is an ASIC for a very particular functionality.
The 74ALS832 is a hex 2-input driver.
Where did you get the idea that the second device could remotely replace the first?


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The position of the TC17G005AF-0048 in the shown schematic is important: between the DF and DAC. Connected by three I2S lines. Normally, such an arrangement means some sort of "re-clocking". But that is often done using 74 logic chips:

There is a partial datasheet of "TC17G005" here:
This is an ASIC
ASICs are general purpose devices, as are FPGAs and CPLD's
They are programmed,
Its like having a ARM CPU,
its general purpose,
depending upon the programming,
Unless you have the programming, the knowledge is just about useless.


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You are the one who said you needed a generic gate array. That does refer to a chip that needs programming. An asic might or might not need programming.

What you need s a replacement for the part in that schematic, and it might well be impossible to find because it is proprietary part made for the manufacturer and not available to anyone else.