NE555 ic getting hot and servo doesn't work

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Hi there,

My ne555 timer circuit doesn't work, overcurrent is also detected. I post my scheme, pcb and proteus results. It works pretty fine in proteus (RV1 and C2 values are changed as in real.

Any ideas?




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Where is the power connected on the PC board? Make sure it is the right way round.

If the IC is getting hot then there is either:
1. A short on the circuit board.
2. A component is inserted the wrong way round.
3. A component is the wrong value or faulty.

To trouble shoot it:
1: Do a continuity check on a blank board. Do a visual check for solder bridges.
2. Do a careful visual check on the orientation of the components.
3. Measure the values of the passive components and check the diode.

If all else fails, replace the IC.


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If the pic is showing the solder side of a single-sided board then it looks as though the IC pins are the mirror image of what they should be.