Multipoint Charger for a RC car

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Hi all , Im working on a little project, a RC car witch is powered with a mobile phone power bank . Power bank will supply power to a H-Bridge wich will supply power to the motors and a renesas sakura board (wifi controlled) . The power bank is charged with a USB cable while not running and solar panel + alternator while running. The Power bank has a charging module which I will use but I'm having trouble connecting the solar and the alternator to it . Will I need some kind of multi point charging module or can I just connect it to the power bank module ? Both the alternator and the solar will have variable voltage output so will I need some voltage regulator ?
Is there any commercial modules that I can buy ? looked everywhere and cant find one :(
Any help or pointing in right direction would be much appreciated :D


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If I understand correctly you are going the car motors to drive an alternator to charge the batteries. This will merely waste power in the alternator losses.
You could charge the batteries directly from the solar panel using some suitable buck/boost supply as appropriate which would be a much efficient way of charging.