solar panel

  1. Jonathan Bueno

    A 20v - 0.5a solar panel to deliver 5v 1a or 2a

    Hello everyone ! I'm planning to buy a 30w solar panel to attach to my two redundant powerbanks that will be constantly powering my rasberry pi which will be connected to the internet too. Such project I would use to plan building a drone too... I think that would be cool. I have a doubt...
  2. pirlem

    Solar-powered mirror ball

    Hello dear Forum, I am new here. I don't have much knowledge of solar panels or motors... I was wondering how it would be possible to connect a small/medium solar panel (not too expensive) to a mirror ball motor (for a 50cm diameter disco ball). I don't have any of the materials yet, that's why...
  3. IgnacioMorac

    Can I Turn On an XBee, ATMega328, RTC DS1307 and Catalex microSD adapter

    Hello partners I am an engineering student and I am doing my graduation project. I try to send information from the Photovoltaic Panel to the computer. In order to do this, I made a design of a circuit that can measure the voltage of a panel that is generating between 25 and 44 volts. This...
  4. talhaiftikharaja

    INA219 for solar panel power calculation

    Hi, I'm working on project which includes INA219 for sensing solar panel voltage and current. I have found other threads discussing on this matter but couldn't get answer I'm looking for. Instead of using any battery, I'm only looking to calculate current and Voltage from solar panel using...
  5. G

    Multipoint Charger for a RC car

    Hi all , Im working on a little project, a RC car witch is powered with a mobile phone power bank . Power bank will supply power to a H-Bridge wich will supply power to the motors and a renesas sakura board (wifi controlled) . The power bank is charged with a USB cable while not running and...