Multiple mosquitto MQTT broker system on a single network

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Hey. I am building a pick to light system to for warehouse packing. I use esp32 remote devices connected to each box that has items inside. The whole operation is being controller by a raspberry PI . The raspberry PI has mosquitto broker installed and acts as a server. It is sending various commands to remote esp32 devices about the current operation (which box to activate and etc). The system prototype is now fully functioning and works as expected. I have one question though:

Am I able to have multiple mqtt brokers on a same network? Since one raspberry PI controls one operation at a time and I need multiple people to work. The idea is to have multiple raspberry PI mqtt brokers and each raspberry PI would control its own operation. If 3 people are working, I would need 3 seperate work stations (raspberry PI, table, monitor and etc..) though my main concern whether its ok to have multiple mosquitto mqtt brokers


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I'm not sure about your mqtt question, but assuming you cannot have multiples on the same network, maybe they can be separated using VLANs? Disclaimer; I'm not at all knowledgeable about what you're working with. :)


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I don't see a problem with that. Your devices will only connect to the broker they are configured for and the broker will only direct traffic between its own clients. You could also just have one broker for the whole network and simply structure your topic path hierarchically with a separate branch for each work cell. Each Raspberry Pi would become a subscriber, instead, and watch the appropriate branch of the topic path.