Measuring a weak (mV) RF burst with an oscilloscope with low vertical resolution.

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Hi there (long time reader, first time poster),

I'm using an oscilloscope to measure a weak 100 kHz RF burst (at the (1-10)mV scale) with an oscilloscope (externally triggered on the event of the burst).

I then take the trace and FFT on MATLAB to get SNR.

My issue is with the noise floor, my oscilloscope is only 8 bits in vertical resolution and I think I'm limited by the smallest voltage I can measure with the oscilloscope?

Is there a smarter way to do this? should I get a better device for this measurement? do you have any tips for FFT on burst signals?

Thanks for reading and any advice you can give me.


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Welcome to AAC!

If you're more interested in frequency content or signal to noise ratio vs absolute signal amplitude, you could amplify the signal.