1. vanorudik

    OSCILLOSCOPE DC Voltage Measurement Error

    Hello everyone, I have a R&S®RTM3000 scope. I can also provide a pdf with its specifications if needed. My problem is: I am supplying constant DC voltages to 4 channels of the scope. These are the voltages: 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3,5 ,4 [V]. I am using "Mean Value" option in the scope to...
  2. I

    Understanding oscilloscope signals from brush cutter trigger

    Hello everybody, I dismantled the top part of a 36V Ryobi brush cutter. This machine has the following finger trigger, that controls the speed of its motor: A voltmeter shows some 38V at the input and, when pressed (no matter how much), the same at the output. When not pressed, the output...
  3. yaserarafath44

    (With a scope) Waveform Averaging - How to know when to save the data?

    Hello Everyone, I have a gw instek MDO-2204EG oscilloscope. I'm using waveform averaging function to average my data 32 times. How to know when the averaging is complete and when to save the file?
  4. EnzoEngr

    Question about buying an oscilloscope: Is having more than 100MHz BW useful if the sampling rate is 1Gs/s?

    Some available models that are 100MHz-200MHz BW and 1 Gs/s seem to fit my current budget. However, for 1 Gs/s, a 50MHz signal only has about 20 samples per period. So, this causes any BW more than 100MHz not to be useful since any signal >50MHz has some distortion because of the sampling rate...
  5. AverageMoss

    Full-wave rectifier circuit showing half-wave rectification on oscilloscope?

    I'm new to electronics and decided to learn something new by trying to put together a small rectifier circuit that converts 24VAC to DC. So I put together a little full-wave rectifier circuit that consists of four diodes and an LED and ran into an issue when I tried to measure the DC output...
  6. G

    How do I find the uncertainty in a timestep for an oscilloscope

    I am trying to calculate the energy delivered by a short electrical pulse. I am using an oscilloscope to capture the waveform and then exporting it to a CSV file. My scope took measurements at a rate of once every 8 microseconds which means that each time time value could potentially vary by...
  7. A

    Gould Delta 9500A Oscilloscope Manual, other info?

    Hi people, Does anyone have a user manual, service manual, brochure, anything on Gould Delta 9500A? I'm mostly looking for a user manual, don't really need the other stuff, but it's nice to have. Any info is appreciated, it's a pretty rare scope. I've searched the net extensively, and the only...
  8. 2

    Measuring a weak (mV) RF burst with an oscilloscope with low vertical resolution.

    Hi there (long time reader, first time poster), I'm using an oscilloscope to measure a weak 100 kHz RF burst (at the (1-10)mV scale) with an oscilloscope (externally triggered on the event of the burst). I then take the trace and FFT on MATLAB to get SNR. My issue is with the noise floor...
  9. P

    Oscilloscope and force sensor

    Hello, I have a question about how can the oscilloscope can be used with a force sensor. The output of a force sensor is an electrical signal. When I feed this signal to the oscilloscope I get a wave with a certain amplitude of some mV. How I am expected to use the oscilloscope to calculate...
  10. perik123

    Connect probe properly for meassure 230vac with oscilloscope

    I just got this combined multimeter - oscilloscope Hantek 2D72 In the specs it says: I want to meassure a dmx controlled dimmer. The output of the dimmer is 230 vac so I will use the settings for 10x. Since I havnt used oscilloscope before I wounder how can I connect the probe to the outlet...
  11. R

    Data acquisition via Oscilloscope

    Hi, I am am trying to record my device's voltage change due to heating with an oscilloscope. I have set the average acquisition mode. When I save the recorded data and export it as CSV format, I can only see a single frame data in my saved file. I can not find the changing voltage, no matter...
  12. S

    oscilloscoper analysis from my final project (about guitar pedal effects)

    im doing a final project about making a guitar pedal effect, and my lecturer ask me to compare it to commercial guitar pedal using an oscilloscope. i made 4 effect, reverb, echo, chorus, overdrive, all of this effect showing almost same result as the commercial effects, but the reverb one doesnt...
  13. R

    Hi. ,,Having a 'signal'-challenge. Not sure if to call it ringing, or bouncing?

    Hi. ,,Having a 'signal'-challenge. Not sure if to call it ringing, or perhaps some sort of bouncing? It happens after reaching either the top or bottom. (..see attached picture) --Signal is around 50kHz on the fastest pulses-- Using a differencial busTranceiver SN75176B (balanced Tx via...
  14. M

    Picoscope AWG input affected by load circuitry

    When testing my new PC oscilloscope, a PicoScope 2205A (25MHz, 1GS/s), I setup an RC circuit with a 2.2K resistor and a 0.1uF cap and used the AWG generator to input a 1kHz, 1V square wave input. The input square wave (plotted in red) is not the expected square wave, seemingly affected by the...
  15. C

    I bought an HP 54110D Oscilloscope and I need help before I smoke it.

    Hello, everyone I am new to this field, and I am trying to learn the ropes. I recently bought an O'scope an HP 54110D 2 channel, and I need to buy probes for it and I am trying to figure out how I should go about it: Questions: 1. The input Pods have specs that are confusing to me. One of...
  16. Emad2017

    how Oscilloscope Cards transfer sampled data for display on PC

    Hi everyone, Most of oscilloscope cards and DAQ cards have very high sample rate in comparison with the speed of thier interface port (for example usb). I know that it is not necessary to send all sampled data to pc for display and most of digital processings are performed by card itself. My...
  17. G

    what is this type of ac voltage selector called? and how does it work?

    hello, I bought an ociloscope Kenwood Trio Oscilloscope 10 Mhz Cs1559-a, but I haven't plugged it in yet because I don't understand how the voltage selector works, it's this detachable box that appears in the video VIDEO
  18. Sprayman

    Help measuring voltage spike with oscilloscope

    I am tasked with confirming a report that said we had a large voltage spike (~400v I believe) when turning some equipment on. I went and put the oscilloscope on our main that is in the same box for the switch for the equipment. I throw the switch and see my measurements react a little but I...
  19. Crazy_BJT

    Troubleshooting/repair Hameg 1500 scope

    Hi there to you all, I need some help with a troubleshooting/ repair. I have an analog/digital oscilloscope Hameg HM1500, it has some RTC problem, it presents a partial sweep. I think is the horizontal circuit, that's either missing a voltage or there is some faulty component. The only problem...