Data acquisition via Oscilloscope

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Hi, I am am trying to record my device's voltage change due to heating with an oscilloscope. I have set the average acquisition mode. When I save the recorded data and export it as CSV format, I can only see a single frame data in my saved file. I can not find the changing voltage, no matter what setting I try or how many frames I record, my scope only saves a single frame to the exported CSV. How can I overcome this issue?


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A little more information would make it much easier to suggest a solution to your problem. What is the make and model of the oscilloscope you are using. What device are you exporting the data files to, using what interface and what software? What is the signal you are monitoring?


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In addition to @KeithWalker 's comment, the brand of the oscilloscope will tell you how much memory it has to store the voltage variations. This is mostly useful for sub-second fast transients. A slower voltage change, however, will probably be better served by a multimeter with logging - some models can store thousands of samples inside and, in the case of a cheaper UT61E for example, can export it directly to a PC.