rf and microwave

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    Measuring a weak (mV) RF burst with an oscilloscope with low vertical resolution.

    Hi there (long time reader, first time poster), I'm using an oscilloscope to measure a weak 100 kHz RF burst (at the (1-10)mV scale) with an oscilloscope (externally triggered on the event of the burst). I then take the trace and FFT on MATLAB to get SNR. My issue is with the noise floor...
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    Active L Band Splitter/Combiners for VSAT

    Hi! I am relatively new to the world of RF design. I am searching for an L-band splitter/combiner that is active and has the ability to inject DC power for a BUC and LNB. I also need 10MHz pass for the TX combiner. I have done a google search to see what is out there in terms of products, but...
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    S-Parameters (Cascaded system) and a few questions on RF Design. (IIP3)

    Please see attached figure for a few of the questions. I would love for the solutions to these questions. Also, what are the effects when the width of the microstrip line is increased?