Low Duty Cycle Long Period 555 timer controlled Piezo Buzzer

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I am trying to develop a 555 timer to turn a Peizo buzzer on for approximately one second every thirty seconds.
The attached circuit matches these requirements close enough, except that the output is ON for 95.8 percent of the time. I need it to be OFF for 95.8 percent.
I think a simple one transistor inverter can be put on pin 3 to drive the Piezo buzzer but I don't know how to design it.

I would appreciate any hellp you could give me.




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I think dannyf is being too pessimistic. :)
30 seconds should not be a problem for the 555 with the values you show unless you have stringent timing requirements.


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To reverse the output pulse, and maintain the buzzer to GND, the following must be possible for the schematic from post #1:
Swap values for R1 and R2
Put a small-signal diode across R2 with the anode to pin 7