Is there a test network to analyze the hydrothermal dispatch of electrical energy?

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Christian Rueda

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Hello, I am developing my degree work on the coordination of hydraulic and thermal units in an energy network and I was wondering if there is any test network with which I can evaluate or compare the results obtained with my work. Thank you very much in advance


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Typical system energy analysis is viewed in terms of a bounded control volume.
Within the defined control volume is a balance, or equalization of potential energy and kinetic energy.
.. A water tank atop a tower could be seen as having a certain amount of potential energy.
... A stream of flowing water has a finite kinetic energy.
... Thermal energy, such as in generating steam, is analyzed in terms of a difference in TΔS, where S is a quantity called entropy, and temperature, T, is between a high and low value at specified pressures.
... A similar analysis on hydraulic systems could be seen in terms of potential and kinetic energy.
... The basic idea is to define energy sources and energy loads, and try to achieve a total system such that the energy units going in equal energy units going out. You will have to inspect any specific system and resolve the parts in terms of recognized basic energy units.
... The mathematical effort required is addition and subtraction.