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    Frequency and load sharing of two power generating source.

    Consider a generator and a inverter. Generator is producing power at 50 Hz and the inverter is producing power at 50.3 Hz . Both of the sources are supplying a common load. From which source the load will take power first?
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    [Electrical Power Systems] Help with Thevenin Equivalent Circuit Positive Sequence

    Hello, new forum member here, I am studying the calculations of short circuits in different electrical power systems at the institute, I have solved different types and in general I have no problems with the calculations, but sometimes there are exercises that are more complex like the one that...
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    Is there a test network to analyze the hydrothermal dispatch of electrical energy?

    Hello, I am developing my degree work on the coordination of hydraulic and thermal units in an energy network and I was wondering if there is any test network with which I can evaluate or compare the results obtained with my work. Thank you very much in advance