Instrumentation Amplifier (Signal Conditioning Circuit)

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Atiera Othman

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hello, I am Ara
I need to implement a signal conditioning circuit for prtd(pt100)
below i attach my circuit using lt spice
In my signal conditioning circuit. the Vin for Wheatstone bridge is 10V. I want to produce a 1V for Vout at instrumentation amplifier.
I want to ask an opinion about my progress on this circuit.
what is ratiometric on bridge circuit?
how to linearization rtd ?
what does zero compensation mean ?
What is CMRR and GBP in this circuit?
how about the filter part?
what should i consider about at this part?
I really don't have idea about a signal conditioning circuit design.
please help me.
you kindness really help my research on this design.



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You will get much better performance if you use a dedicated instrumentation IC, rather than building up one from discrete op amps and resistors.
The mismatch of standard 1% resistors will give a poor common-mode rejection of the amp.