Increasing Mosfet Driver Output current

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Hello everyone,
So I'll get to the point, I have parallel IGBTs(G60N100BNTD) and running them in a Half bridge setup, with an isolation transformer. The problem is My Driver (UCC27425) ìs overheating, when I take a look at the wave forms the Igbt's Capacitive gate is around 6nf each, which causes the waveform to look more like a failure of a sinewave rather than a square wave. Is there a way to Use a Push pull BJT sytem at the output of the driver, do I have to Buy P-channel and N-channel mosfets? or Parallel many drivers? The Igbts does run at a frequency of 250khz anything above that it becomes a dead short.


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Use LTC4441-1 driver after transformer.
For example MOSFET IPT004N03L has input capacitance from 18nF to 24nF and it works good at 333 kHz:
With IGBT:
It is better to use driver UCC27321P (9 Amps).
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