Impossable to logon using IE 11 -- Please advise

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Kind friends

With the aim of troubleshooting my severe difficulties as regards displaying of images on this site I attempted access via IE (instead of my default FireFox)

Unfortunately any and all attempts to logon from IE results in an orange screen bearing the following message (following submission of logon credentials):

The following errors were encountered
This form has expired.
Please refresh and try again.

Refreshing doesn't change anything:(

Thank you for your consideration of this matter...


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I just logged in using IE a few minutes ago for another purpose and had no issue (besides the hideous orange welcome screen).

Try closing the tab and reopening. If that doesn't work, clear your cache as BR-549 suggested.

Good luck!


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Hi @Hypatia's Protege
Please make sure you have cookies & javascript enabled in IE. Are you behind a firewall perhaps? Which images are you having difficulty viewing?I just logged in successfully in IE11 - I was unable to replicate your login difficulties.

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Hypatia's Protege

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OK... Enabling cookies solved the IE 11 login problem:) -- Unfortunately the image display problem exists even in IE11:(

Which images are you having difficulty viewing
I have the problem with all my images -- as examples please check the images in post #72 on the thread entitled "EHT power supply design and construction" in the OT forum

Many thanks for your assistance:)