Advice for _expired logon form_ problem

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    Mar 14, 2015
    So I still DON'T think it's AAC problem but I'm asking Mods to plz leave post here where it's easy for other ppl having trouble to see:cool:!

    So I had problem earlier today (at like 3/27/2018 00:30 UTC) trying to logon. Now I don't exactly understand it like I thought I did in other posts but I can definitely say it has to do with system clock setting on user's device being later than local time at location assigned to their real public IP (by which I mean IP on their side of VPN)!
    So solution is to just set ur system clock to earlier hour and make sure to decrement day if backing up past 12AM!

    FWIW I have a revised theory abt nature of problem so u can PM me if ur interested cuz this isn't place for my lame 2'nd guessing:oops:

    So anyhow I hope this helps:)!

    PS @theodoravain here's headsup in case u have problem again!
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