"Ideal" multiplexer or decoders

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Rainier Azucena

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I need thorough tests on different voltage biasing of an analog design. I figure all I just need to generate all combination of
1.) conditions (mostly voltage levels, some frequency) and
2.) port connections.

I found that (1) sweeping through all the combination of conditions/parameter is rather easy. What I find challenging is doing all the combination of port connections (2).

This is simply for testing, so I thought there's bound to be a bunch of tools for doing all this combinatorial testing. Components that do not have any real electrical characteristics, but simply "map" each port to another, or in short, "shorts" them -- very combinatorial and functional.

Yet I found none of these. All muxes (so far) that I've seen are modelled after real life products. I've tried looking at Mixed-mode simulators but they too leave electrical characteristics as they are usually defined in S-parameter. With S-parameter analysis I don't have problems with not having perfect infinite impedances, etc, but it's annoying that it's so dependent to frequency.

So can anybody point to the closest implementation of an "ideal" multiplexer?


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Certainly you can use an ideal "switch" model which most version of Spice have, I believe.
You can select the ON and OFF resistance values to be any arbitrary value you like.