how to measure the current consumed by dc motor

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Arunmosespaul P

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in this circuit

without DMM the motor is running fine.

with DMM the motor is not running.

the scope here is to measure the motor current through DMM.

i tried 6 and half also. cant get result.

anyone please help me out in this regards.

any idea about measuring using arduino uno?



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The resistance of DDM is reducing the current in the circuit so the motor won't run ... You need a clamp meter .. it is not connected to the circuit , but has jaws which clamp around the wire .....

If you can't get one of these , but do have variable power supply you can get a rough idea by first running the motor as it would normally do and note the speed ... then connect the DMM and power motor with variable supply , turn up the voltage till motor runs at same speed as before and read current.