How to get an esp32-S2 recognized as USB device on a mac

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I have an esp32-S2 saola and I am trying to use it as a MIDI usb device. I am trying to use this github repository: I am able to run the code on the esp32s2 saola and I am connecting to a mac with a USB cable to pins 19 and 20 but don't get any MIDI input in my computer (mac), in fact my computer is not recognizing the device.

So I guess my actual question is about how to get the esp32s2 recognized as a USB device by the mac. Any clues of what might be happening? Or should connecting to pins 19 and 20 be enough and I am dealing with a hardware bug?

For the usb cable I took a usb only-power cable apart and then rewired it so it was only data (two middle cables connected to pins 19 and 20). As it was not working I then connected also the usb's power and ground cables with no luck: