1. Arjuna1

    How to get an esp32-S2 recognized as USB device on a mac

    I have an esp32-S2 saola and I am trying to use it as a MIDI usb device. I am trying to use this github repository: https://github.com/chegewara/EspTinyUSB. I am able to run the code on the esp32s2 saola and I am connecting to a mac with a USB cable to pins 19 and 20 but don't get any MIDI input...
  2. TrackerFX

    First time interfacing MCU with external SDRAM

    (Links are component datasheets or application notes.) I have a project using the STM32H series MCU that requires external SDRAM for data storage. Due to the size, the PCB is going to cost near $1,000 to fab and so I'd like to make sure that the design is correct before sending it to the board...