How do I use this Antenna?

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I bought this antenna for my Sparkfun Simultaneous Reader, but I don't understand which jumper will do what function. The antenna didn't come with datasheet and I can't find it on the Internet. I tried connecting different jumpers and tried to make sense what jumper will do what, but can't figure out, readings in each case are so random. Any help is good. I don't know where to start.



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. I don't know where to start
Start at the beginning.
Sparkfun Simultaneous Reader
What are you trying to read simultaneously? Why did you buy the antenna? Did you solder the coax cable to the board? You must try to give as much information as possible. So take a deep breath and think of any and all the information you could possibly give to someone who's trying to help you.

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Okay so here's The abridged answer your reader should come with an on-board antenna which is short range meaning your RFID tag must be really close in order to read it your antenna that you bought extends that range that you can read your RFID tag so look on the board of your reader for a connection that says auxiliary or external antenna or aux , ex, ant . And don't worry about the jumpers I believe it's plug and play as is. If you're not sure take a photo of your entire setup so we can take a look at it. And if you connected any of the jumpers to the reader board then you probably smoked it meanings it no longer functions as it should. Way past my bedtime good luck to you.