pcb antenna

  1. B

    Altium Impedance matching for PCB Antenna

    Hi I'm designing a new product with 2 layers, 1mm PCB, FR4, 1oz copper and a TX 433MHz PCB Antenna, we already use a very common model from the internet in our products (Application Note 52 - MICREL) and works fine, but learning more about RF i founded some things: 1: For 433MHz you should use...
  2. E

    Designing PCB with multiple RF circuits

    I need Tips and recommendations on how to design a PCB with multiple RF circuits. In my case, the PCB includes a GPS receiver, 802.15.4 2.4GHz, and 433 MHz transceivers. I plan to use a GPS module with a patch antenna. The 433 MHz transceivers will have a PCB or ceramic antenna. an external...
  3. putout

    How do I reset this Wi-Fi PCB module ?

    This was removed from a Elm327 Wifi obd2 reader it had invalid WIfi settings so it was unable to make a wifi connection I tried shorting GND to RST while only applying 3.3v to the 3.3vpin - no luck any tips would be appreciated . that mess on the RS232 header came like that from the seller
  4. 8

    PCB Layout - Bluetooth Antenna

    Hello, I made a breakout board for the STM32WB55 and want to use the bluetooth capability of it. Since I never did any layout with RF specs, I wanted to ask some experienced people wether or not the board I designed would 1.) boot up, and 2.) would be able to use the bluetooth feature. The top...
  5. Jenish989

    How do I use this Antenna?

    I bought this antenna for my Sparkfun Simultaneous Reader, but I don't understand which jumper will do what function. The antenna didn't come with datasheet and I can't find it on the Internet. I tried connecting different jumpers and tried to make sense what jumper will do what, but can't...