How can you design a PCB for climate control as well as to turn on lights via relay?

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I’m pretty much a noob when it comes to hardware and for awhile I have been trying to figure out how to design a PCB layout. The Problem I have is trying to figure out the values for capacitors and resistors how to connect them with the other parts (like pull up resistor, bypass capacitor etc Tad bit confused there).

My project includes making a drying cabinet for silk screen printing, and with that the humidity and temperature needs to be at a certain point. So I would have used a sensor to monitor those values and then based on that turn on fans (using relay since they will operate at a higher voltage than the mcu) to circulate the air and turn on a dehumidifier. The cabinet will also house the light table which turns on for a certain time interval, and a safe led light strip which can be turned on. I would like to connect to the cabinet via Bluetooth to turn on the safe light, turn on the light table for a certain interval and to view the humidity and temperature as well as set the target values for the them.

So far I’ve tried to design the pcb but keep getting confused as to how to connect the various modules in a good way, and to also add resistors/capacitors where they belong with the correct value. These are the parts I chose
Relay: Ningbo Songle Relay SRD-5VDC-SL-A
Temp/Humidity sensor: Texas Instruments HDC1080DMBR
Mcu: Nordic nrf52832
If you can provide any insight it would be greatly appreciated, I will attach a schematic I have. 9BF23A96-1F57-4AC3-846C-6D6A9AF3EFD2.png